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A President's Note
March, 2016

The 33rd Supermath Contest

Greetings! We have completed our annual SuperMath Contest. The first SuperMath Contest started in 1983 with a dream to give a nice memory to all the SuperMath students. There were a little over 40 students who participated in the first Contest. It is amazing to realize that the first Grand Champion, Hideka, is now a SuperMath instructor and the number of participants is close to 200 now. We used to have just one contest. Now there are three: Contest 1, Contest 2 and Contest 3. Time has taught me that things grow in a nice way.

All SuperMath teachers spend numerous hours for preparation. We donít treat this childrenís event lightly. Every participant receives a trophy. Some of the students have received their trophy for the first time. They go to bed holding their trophy. They take their trophy to school and show it to their classmates. This year, we had Uta, the first grader. Her teacher told her that she should enter as a Book 4 level student. Uta wanted to enter as a Book 3. In abacus education, the small number means higher level. Therefore, Book 3 students are doing higher level than Book 4 students. This is what Uta, a 6 year old preferred. Utaís teacher worries that she may end up as the bottom of the group. The result is that Uta is at the top in the last group. Uta was very happy to receive her trophy. This child achieved more than we adults expected. And, I say that this is SuperMath.

We also had a returning Grand Champion who flew from the State of Washington. Everyone was curious. We wanted to see if this two time Grand Champion would be a third time Grand Champion. Competitions were severe. All of the participants need to make their highest point to win. There are three categories to compete: paper test, oral addition, and subtraction by mental calculation method and oral multiplication also by mental calculation The highest total scores determine the places. Ahram received the highest paper test. Mia achieved oral addition and subtraction. Aditya, returning champion, did multiplication with the answers of 7 digits. And, this yearís Grand Champion trophy went to Abraham, who did well in overall three categories. Abraham was the one who practiced more than anyone else the whole year. Top four students were so close. I am proud of every one of them. Sometimes life is tough but, the student who puts more time and heart wins!!

- Mina Watanabe

A Calculating Instructor:
Ancient Abacus
A Review by Tamara Rogers,
Half Moon Bay Review


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Quote from ABC NewsChronicle News 4.26.2002

"After students spend time in SuperMath class . . . Things just click " 
- Cicero A. Estrella, Chronicle Staff Writer



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