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A President's Note
January 1, 2011

--- Two is Better---

The weather report was terrible!! All flights leaving and arriving at London Heathrow Airport were cancelled. My husband, Mike and I were stranded in London for five extra days due to the unprecedented snowstorm. We were supposed to be at home before Christmas. Our sons were coming back home for Christmas. I had everything planned. I had different menus to cook for all my sons during the holiday. There would be no family Christmas this year. Instead of crying, I decided to think of something cheerful. Yes, we had a really wonderful time in Istanbul. The city is so clean and full of history and culture. I never would have imagined that the Turkish men with their mustaches reminded me so much of my father. He had a big nose, unlike a Japanese. Whenever my parents quarreled, they always exchanged nasty words at each other's appearances. Dad said to mom that she had a flat nose. Mom fought back by saying his nose was gigantic, and that his mustache grew only sparsely at the edges. She also commented on his bowlegged shape by telling him that she could easily roll a bowling ball between his legs. Now both of them are gone. I remember so many comical sides of my parents

Mike and I spent much of our time in a small London hotel room, everyday for 5 days. The weather permitted us only for a few hours of sightseeing and dining out. To my biggest surprise, we didn't have even a single argument. We had fun together. We laughed so much that our stomachs hurt. We cherished each other, talked about our business plan, future family travel trips and much more. This trip also gave me some time to reflect about myself, SuperMath and the family, especially about raising our children. All my sons are in their twenties now. They will soon start their own families. Until then, what we can do now is to simply love them. There is especially one important thing that all parents can do when raising children. Love, cherish and respect each other. When children see their parents' loving relationship, they will be able to relate it to their own experiences in life and will have lead to even a better relationship with their own spouses. Two is better than one. Parents, both husband and wife, can work together to do what's best for the child. I believe that the best blessings are found in home.

2010 was a very tough year. 2011 is going to be a very dynamic year for me. I just can't wait to count every blessing that our Almighty Lord is going to give to us.

- Mina Watanabe

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