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A President's Note
November, 24, 2009

---   Empty Nest  ---

I have three sons who are all in college.  Being their mother was always my first priority. And I liked it very much.  Whenever I had to write what my occupation was, I didn’t hesitate to write down “HOME MAKER”.  I enjoyed motherhood.  I enjoyed house chores, cooking, cleaning and tidying up.  My husband used to tell me not to wash his clothes until he put them in the laundry basket.  I washed too frequently and ruined some of his clothes.  I enjoyed most at attending my youngest son’s roller hockey games.  Soon I was shut out from the game site by him.  "Mom, you shout too loudly in English that nobody can understand.  Will you stay in the car until the game is over?”  I stayed in the car, but that did not stop me.  Peeking through the car window, I was yelling at my son, “Gene, get the ball!!!” 

My motherhood finally came to an end.  My middle son moved out and started living in an apartment.  Although he has been a helping hand in many ways, as long as a child is living with us, my “motherhood” still occupied me mentally.  I couldn't put all my energies into SuperMath.  I was always thinking about what I would cook for dinner or which room I should concentrate on cleaning on the weekend and so forth.   Now, finally I am experiencing the so called "Empty Nest".  Surprisingly, I love it.  We are just two of us again.  I cook just for my husband. 

A man and a woman fall in love and get married.  Soon children are born and a family starts.  Then comes the busy times in raising them.  There are many issues. The couple starts experiencing many arguments as a mother and father.  They learn communication skills to grow as a couple.  Things happen and there are disagreements, but there is always a happy end if they are aired.  I do believe this.   It is exactly the same as children.  When something unhappy is affecting a  child, it is the parents' responsibility to find out the reason and work with each one of them.  If a mother and father respect each other, values communication skill and works on them, nothing is impossible in a child’s life.  Your Empty Next will come for sure.  Until then, be busy, argue a lot and most of all love each other always.

- Mina Watanabe

A Calculating Instructor:
Ancient Abacus
A Review by Tamara Rogers,
Half Moon Bay Review

Quote from ABC NewsChronicle News 4.26.2002

"After students spend time in SuperMath class . . . Things just click " 
- Cicero A. Estrella, Chronicle Staff Writer



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