SuperMath Mental Calculation

A President's Note
May 27, 2010

--- SuperMath Contest---

We just finished the 27th Annual SuperMath Contest. Our Contest is divided into three separate contest groups. Contest 1 is for the beginner level, Contest 2 is for intermediate and Contest 3 is for advance levels. From the inception of the Contest, I have always placed a very high importance on the children’s sensitivities. As such, we make sure that no one who goes home with an empty hand. Every SuperMath contestant receives a trophy and a bag of goodies! We don’t stress competition for the students particpating in Contest 1 and 2. However in Contest 3, there is a real competition and each student needs to perform best under the pressure.

Each year, considerable amount of time is spent in preparation for the Contest. We emphasize that each event will be a lasting memory for the students. The Contest is also a time when our “graduates” come back to help us with the Contest. It is great to see them all again. Each year as they come back to help, I see them all, -- it’s great to see that they are all doing well.

I love the SuperMath Contest myself. This year, I am truly proud that Jeremy Chai was crowned Grand Champion for the first time! I am proud that Takion became the top student in mental addition and subtraction category by winning with six digits problems. I am proud that Eric Wang almost made the first Runner-up. These are achievements that I am very proud of. However, what I am also proud of -- is this; One of the parents came up to me after the Contest. She said she spoke to all four of the top students and their parents. What she was amazed to see was each student’s attitude toward their parents. She said to me, “ Isn’t it an age where children start behaving badly towards their parents? They are teenagers, right? Wow--- the way they spoke to their parents was really, really good.”

This is SuperMath. Through abacus education, our young students learn the right things in life - treating parents with respect. Being a winner, a top student and achieving a high placement at the Contest is of no value if the student’s attitude toward his parents is without respect. What would be the future foe such a child.? Yes—a good foundation is needed in every facet of our life. This is what we are emphasizing in SuperMath. I am still celebrating the joy and happiness from the 2010 SuperMath Contest.

- Mina Watanabe

A Calculating Instructor:
Ancient Abacus
A Review by Tamara Rogers,
Half Moon Bay Review


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Quote from ABC NewsChronicle News 4.26.2002

"After students spend time in SuperMath class . . . Things just click " 
- Cicero A. Estrella, Chronicle Staff Writer



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