SuperMath Mental Calculation

Mental Calculations

SuperMath Mental CalculationsOne of the three main parts of the human brain is called the cerebral hemisphere. The hemisphere is divided into two areas. The right and left hemispheres of the brain perform different functions. In general, the left hemisphere is responsible for processing information, while the right side records or retains information, such as images. When people do calculations, they are utilizing the left hemisphere. Mental calculation techniques require the use of the right hemisphere. Through instruction, SuperMath students are taught to "map" images, rather than to process each information (i.e. each digit) one at a time. Imaging techniques are also used in speed reading techniques. The advantage of SuperMath is that it will train students to "map" images, rather than to sequentially process each information. SuperMath's training will literally introduce a whole new way of "looking" at numbers and other information.

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