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About SuperMath and The System

The System

SuperMath student with mom-made abacus caseLike most successful businesses, SuperMath began as a dream in1979. Today, SuperMath has taught thousands of students in the Bay Area the art of mental calculation. The fundamentals of SuperMath is based on the "abacus" system. The abacus is a calculating instrument which utilizes the method of adding and subtracting by ones, fives, tens, hundreds,etc.

SuperMath is a program that is specifically geared to mental calculation. The skills SuperMath teaches will enable your child to maximize his/her ability in math. You will find that SuperMath will "fit" very nicely with the school's math curriculum.

Why computers and calculators aren't enough?

As kids become more dependent on electronic devices, they lose their ability to calculate mentally. Unfortunately, today's kids have more access than ever before to these devices. SuperMath gives students an understanding of and appreciation for numbers that is all but lost with calculators and computers. Students of SuperMath actually learn to add and subtract multi-digit numbers as fast or faster than someone using a calculator.

Lifelong benefits and rewardsSuperKids in Action

The ability to do mental calculations is a skill that one retains for life. The benefits and rewards are infinite. For example, a natural outcome of being able to do calculations quickly will lead to certain improvements in competitive examinations, such as the STAR, SAT and GRE tests.

When should my child begin?

Six months before starting Kindergarden. You can sign up at SuperMath Contest, which is usually held on the last Sunday of February.

There is a Pre-K program, a half an hour private lesson ($200/month), where young students acquire basic skills hand-in-hand in this private setting.


Classes are held as group lessons; however, instruction is based on individual progress.


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