2019 1st place SuperMath Essay by Matthew Chan, 5th grade

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Hi, my name is Matthew Chan. I have been learning SuperMath for 5 years now. I have reached Dan-5 in Anzan and Dan-3 in Abacus.

SuperMath has taught me how to calculate numbers in my head and on the abacus. My teachers, Ms. Keiko and Ms. Hideka, have pushed me to the level I am at now. I thank SuperMath for giving me lessons in math. I used to hate math when I was young but when I started SuperMath, I started to like math because I had no problems doing it.

Now I will talk about my experiences at the contest. In my first contest, I was really nervous at the beginning and I ended up getting 4th place. However, my mom soon told me the quote, “Practice makes perfect.” When I heard those words, I knew that if I wanted to do better I would have to practice harder if I wanted to get a better score next year. Then the time finally arrived. I fought against other good people in the contest, so I could get the score I wanted. While the contest was on, the words, “Practice makes perfect,” continued to ring in my head. So then I pushed myself to my limits and used the best of my ability on oral practice and the paper work. Finally, when the award ceremony was here, I got second place. I couldn’t have been happier with my score. Now I will always remember to never give up and push myself to my limits, just like everyone else. Thank you SuperMath!!

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